Friday, July 30, 2010

Campaign Update!

Im working pretty hard to get this thing finished before I leave for Gen Con. I have 4/10 Story Line Missions all written up and I'm on a bit of a roll. The map is now 100% done, im nore sure if the one on the site is the final product, but I will get the real one posted up asap.

If people are down for a "Beta Version" of the campaign, I'm looking for 3-4 People who want to get in a few games in the campaign style and test my Home Made story missions.

So, who's in for a few malifaux games in August and possible early September. The real deal will be set to kick off a few weeks into October, so we can have our resident Neverborne player join us =).

So comment, post, or e-mail me if you want to join in.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Map is 75% Done

I posted it up so people could get a look at it too. Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here we go...

This is the 1st working Draft of the Campaign Rules. Its a little Long, but take your time and read through it please, I would like Input from everyone. If this is too hard to read let me know and I can send you a word doc of the rules.

Campaign Rules

Overview – Forces do battle in the World of Malifaux, vying for control of Ashvale Crossing. Some want land, some want power, others just simply want to see the world burn.

Starting Locations – Players should set a startup date to kick off the campaign. On this date players will hand in starting rosters, roll for starting locations, and handle any rules or clerical issues.

Forces – Each Player creates a pool of minions which his Masters can take. To start the campaign each player gets 50 Soul Stones. Each Player must pick 1 master to be his starting master. Your force must follow the rules as though it were a single crew. If you have 1 master, then only 1 of each rare 1 can be taken, you make take additional later when you get a second master. Etc

Summoned Models – Any model that is summoned over the course of the game may be removed from the roster at the end of the game at the controller’s discretion. If the controller chooses to try to keep the model on their roster, they must flip for that model. If the model receives a Minor Injury or Flesh Wound, he remains with the roster as a regular minion. If the model receives a Serious Injury or worse, he is killed outright. This will not allow a player to have more of a model then he is legally allowed in his Crew.

Changed Models – Any model that is changed over the course of a game may be either reverted to its original state after the end of the game or the controller may attempt to keep it in its new state. If the controller chooses to try to keep the model on their roster, they must flip for that model. If the model receives a Minor Injury or a Flesh Wound, he remains in his new state. If the model receives a Serious Injury or worse, he reverts to his previous state. This will not allow a player to have more of a model then he is legally allowed in his Crew.

Fighting – Battles will be in the open format. There are no turns and players may play as many battles as they wish. You may not play the same opponent two times in a row unless 1 week has elapsed

Special Map Markers: Certain Map spots make for interesting battles as well as a powerful base of operations. A Player may only benefit from 1 of his locations per battle. He must chose During Step 1 of the Create a Battle Section.

The Tavern – While fighting at a tavern the Defender can Hire 1 mercenary at base
price. The Taverns Controller can Hire 1 Mercenary at base price
The Armory – While Fighting at the Armory the Defender can give one of his
weapons the paired trait. The Armory’s controller may give 1 weapon the paired trait. This may not be given to a model with a point cost greater than 6 or a master.
The GraveYard – While fighting at the grave yard. The Defender gains each turn draw 1
additional control card, the discard 1 control card, The Controller gains gains each turn draw 1 additional control card, the discard 1 control card
The Mine Shaft – While Fighting at the mine shaft the defender gains +1 Soul Stone to
his Crews starting pool. The Controller gains +1 Soul stone to his Crews Starting Pools
The Proving Grounds – While fighting here the Dender gains a Flip +1 on his Objective
Flip. The Controller gains a flip +1 on his Objective flips
The City Prison
The Ashvale Oak
The Watermill
The Clock Tower

How to create a battle:
After both players agree to a game they must figure out what they will be playing.
Step 1: Declare where the battle will be held. Straight Flip to declare who is attacks and where they will attack, must be adjacent to one their current holdings. The Player with less territory gets a Flip+1
Step 2: Declare the Number of Soul Stones you will be playing, Can Not be more than either player has
Step 3: Determine Objective, for this use the standard Malifaux Objectives
Step 4: Declare Schemes, again use the standard schemes from the rule book, or whether you are attempting a personal scheme.
Step 5: Build your Crew
Step 6: Battle On!

After the battle is over each player must do a few things:
Step 1: See who made it
Flip a card for each model killed and consult below. Masters always count as having flipped “Just a Flesh Wound”
Black Joker or Ace – Killed Outright, remove this model from your roster
2-5 – Serious Injury, this model is out for your next 2 games
6-10 – Minor Injury, This model is out for your next game
11-Red Joker – just a flesh wound, this model can return next game

Step 2: Bring on the new blood
After each battle both forces have the chance to attract in new members to their crew. Keep track of the Number of Victory points each Crew achieves. Those are banked for your crew and may be exchanged for Soul Stones at a rate of 3 Stones per VP.

Step 3: Win, Loss, or Draw
After the game has been played it the attacker wins he takes control of the map location. If the Defender wins he gains any of the Locations Special bonuses for his next game. In a Draw neither player gains any territory or location bonus.

Special Events in Malifaux
Based on Your Masters objectives it is possible to trigger a special Event. These will create of a large scale group game where each player is vying for a single Objective. Winning the event that you trigger will have a great boon, keeping a foe from his objective will have powerful rewards as well.
*My Goal here is to have a powerful thing be up for grabs, anyone can get it, but it will be strongest for the person who triggered the event.*

Recruiting Mercenaries
Mercs won’t work for just anyone. You need the money and you need the right amount of Street Cred. Mercs will not be allowed in your starting Crew, and Can only be hired on once you have taken either the Tavern or your third location. They still cost the standard Points +1. After your third controlled Location you may hire up to 6 points of Mercenaries. After your 5th you may hire up to 10 points. Once you Own 7 locations you may hire any number of Mercenaries.
*We Can adjust this as we find out how easy it is to own territory.*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few Things

That map will not be the one we use, I'm working on a city map instead. I've been working on a packet of Campaign rules and Wanted some ideas.

Experience - Should a model survive more games it will get better at what it does. What are some ideas for possible upgrades for models who gain xp.

Special Map Locations - They confer a bonus when you own them, im thinking about 1/3 of the map will have them. Most of the ones I have so far are the same as my in my first post. If anyone has more Ideas i'd love to hear them.

Mull those over and let me know what you want or like.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Turn ideas?

There are a few options we can take. My whole goal would be to keep as many people interested for as long as possible. With that goal in mind here are two Turn ideas, add more if you have them or let me know which one you like/dislike.

xWeeks per turn. So each week people would make their moves on a set day and then have 2-3 weeks to play any games they might have created in their moves.

Open Play - Play games as much as you want, gain territory etc. If this is something people like I will have to adjust the map a bit, but thats ok. usually to keep things at least close you can't play the same person back to back.

Im sure there are other options but these are the two im most familiar with. Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


you all have Admin power now, feel free to customize what ever. If you start to bicker i'll take it away and send you to your rooms.

The Map

I made this in my boredom at work. I have no beef making a new map if this one isn't jumpin out at people, or if someone wants to make their own. The other thought is make it a City we are in. And be trying to control certain building etc.

Faction/Player-specific missions

I like the Apotheosis campaign because it has several paths to victory, including the storyline path. Would it be cool if we could each create our own 3-part mission for our faction? Not the rules, per se (we'd leave that up to Dan with some of our input), but the storyline part. That way each of us could have the story our group wants to unfold available. For myself, I was thinking the Neverborn have picked a particular village that they want everyone to just disappear from, and they're working towards that goal. Jay plays Neverborn too, but he can create his own story that his Neverborn are trying to achieve. Make sense?

Ok first post

Im thinking of having each place on the map have a strategic objective.

Everyone starts on one map edge and gets 1 location to start with. Or maybe we each get 3-5 not really sure yet.

So My current ideas for the strategic objectives are as follows.

Mines - Controlling a Mine of Soul Stones can be a great boon in the World of Malifaux. For each mine you control gain +1 Soul Stone to you Crews maximum limit
Grave Yards - Unlocking the mysteries of the Grave allow you to learn valuable Secrets. For each Grave Yard you own draw 1 additional Control Card every Turn.
Factory - The Steam workers of Malifaux are a powerful force in the World, their craft can be invaluable. For each Factory you control you may give one model in your army Armor 1
Armory - Guild Armories are often under tight guard, but anyone brave or desperate enough to take one will reap its rewards. For each Armory you own 1 model in your Crew Gains the Paired Weapon Trait.
Forest - Filled with as much Danger as they are Mystical Powers, the Forests in Malifaux are no place for the weak. For Each Forest you control you gain a +1 to one Models CA value
Tavern - Taverns are a great place to recruit outside Help in Malifaux. For each Tavern you control you may recruit an outcast for 1 less soul stone. Outcasts may add 1 to their masters Soul StoneCache instead

Wow these seem super powerful. Maybe they need to be toned down, or maybe reduced to only one of each on the map, except mines? Or our games will get major power boosts.