Friday, July 30, 2010

Campaign Update!

Im working pretty hard to get this thing finished before I leave for Gen Con. I have 4/10 Story Line Missions all written up and I'm on a bit of a roll. The map is now 100% done, im nore sure if the one on the site is the final product, but I will get the real one posted up asap.

If people are down for a "Beta Version" of the campaign, I'm looking for 3-4 People who want to get in a few games in the campaign style and test my Home Made story missions.

So, who's in for a few malifaux games in August and possible early September. The real deal will be set to kick off a few weeks into October, so we can have our resident Neverborne player join us =).

So comment, post, or e-mail me if you want to join in.


  1. I would be up for doing some testing but it would have to be during the week or occasionally on Sundays. The only Saturdays I am free between now and Decemeber (currently) is the 28th of August and the 25th of September.

    How many people can this campaign handle? I have 4 more players with the possibility of a few more being interested in playing once Huzzah Hobbies opens in Mid August (Yup they are opening a month early). Bill is the only one I have mentioned any of this too though.

    I have Outcasts (Victorias) and Resurrectionist (Nicodem & McMourning). Bill has Guild (Lady J) and Arcanists (Rasputina). Of the other 3, one has guild (the Ortegas I believe) and the other 2 have Gremlins. All 3 of them are very new to the game.

    I'd like to invite Bill to join this Blog as a contributor if that is cool with everyone?

  2. Yeah go ahead, the only reason I haven't is I forgot how to do that.

  3. Okay, done. To invite others as contributors, go into the dash board, click on settings, then permissions. You can invite contributors there.

  4. I a. In. During the week works best for me as well. I will be back in VA after august 9. Tuesdays and Thursdays work best for me.

  5. I'm game for giving it a whirl. I'll be gone from early/mid September through early October, what with being married and heading off to England and all.

  6. That means his stuff is forfeit, correct? By guild charter #35.4.2 I lay claim to all his buildings....

    Now move along, there is nothing to see here. Nothing behind the cordon... move along.