Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few Things

That map will not be the one we use, I'm working on a city map instead. I've been working on a packet of Campaign rules and Wanted some ideas.

Experience - Should a model survive more games it will get better at what it does. What are some ideas for possible upgrades for models who gain xp.

Special Map Locations - They confer a bonus when you own them, im thinking about 1/3 of the map will have them. Most of the ones I have so far are the same as my in my first post. If anyone has more Ideas i'd love to hear them.

Mull those over and let me know what you want or like.


  1. I'd prefer not to add rules if possible.

    Malifaux isn't really a game of gaining Exp, but of taking a holding land or of completing objectives. While crews like the Marshals, the Arcanists (except Rasputina), and some of the Outcasts (for their clients) want to take over Malifaux, others like the Neverborn, Rasputina, and the Resurrectionists pretty much want to complete objectives.

    Those Objectives could be to kill all the human invaders or activate a portal to hell. Either way everybody wants something and striving to achieving that is what I think the campaign should be about.

    The Crews are balanced against each other (some better then others) and we don't need to throw any wild cards in that might upset that balance. If you want to show growth perhaps build in mechanics that allow for crews to have Soul Stone bonuses as the campaign escalates, allowing bigger crews and uneven level games instead of changing stats.

    This is just my opinion and not meant to be an attack on anyones ideas.

  2. Maybe and this is just an idea, we should limit players to one Master for the purposes of the campaign. Then, we assign a goal to each faction that they are trying to achieve. Finally each Master is given a path to reaching that goal which is different from the other Masters in their faction.

    This would explain why Mike and I would fight sometimes (as we both play Neverborn)as we strive to reach the Neverborn goal in our own way. Or if the Mike's path and Dan's path are similar but end in different goals for their factions, perhaps they will work together to foil Ryan's from reaching one of his goals to quickly.

    Whatever we decide, I think we need to tie the final goals together in some way so that the campaign escalates towards the end with some epic battles to decide the winner.


  3. The master limit is actually already in place, you will have access to your other masters eventually though. Unless people want to go the 1 master for the duration route. Thats fine by me.

  4. I understand where Jay's coming from. The warmachine campaign we had was pretty much broken by people being able to boost their stats. Granted, we were allowed to do more than one change of stats. I'd be fine with having no experience for the models. I like the idea of having the experience be more in the fashion of tricks your Crew as a whole can get (maybe you can use them to buy one-use "magic items" like "use this and get a + flip to your initiative for one round" or "use it and each of your models can move 3" before the game begins").

    It's a tough call about the one master thing. It makes more sense in the campaign as far as a story goes (and I agree that Malifaux should be very story-driven), but it's going to get a bit boring for players to have to keep playing the same things over and over. Personally, I'd like to have the option to switch things up eventually, or have a series of very short campaigns so I can switch my Master up.

    I disagree about the taking territory thing - that can easily be considered something other than "conquering". Just call it "exerting influence over this territory." So for you, it'd be you're working on digging up all the dead. For me and Jay, we're going through and systematically wiping everyone out. Ryan's trying to consolidate "cleansed" area, and the Archanists are searching for magic items and the like. It's not a process that is ended quickly - if I'm holding a territory for three turns and you take it over from me, assume that it's being built back up by the people that were in hiding from the Neverborn while I was there.