Monday, March 8, 2010

Turn ideas?

There are a few options we can take. My whole goal would be to keep as many people interested for as long as possible. With that goal in mind here are two Turn ideas, add more if you have them or let me know which one you like/dislike.

xWeeks per turn. So each week people would make their moves on a set day and then have 2-3 weeks to play any games they might have created in their moves.

Open Play - Play games as much as you want, gain territory etc. If this is something people like I will have to adjust the map a bit, but thats ok. usually to keep things at least close you can't play the same person back to back.

Im sure there are other options but these are the two im most familiar with. Thoughts?


  1. In order for x Weeks to work, we need to make sure that we can all meet with each other at some point during those x weeks. Personally, I like the idea of the structured turns, but we'd need to make sure everyone is able to meet with everyone else in that week span. If, for example, I can't meet with Ryan but once every 2-3 weeks, that puts a strain on it, and unfairly punishes those of you who can get a game in more frequently than that.

    I think x weeks per turn is a better way to run the campaign, but it's harder to keep up interest in. If I can only play one game every 2-3 weeks, I rapidly lose interest in what's going on in the campaign.

  2. I think open play is fine, though maybe limit how many scoring games you can play per week. So for example you can play 2 games where you can gain territories and take objectives. Then you can play any number of additional games per week that go towards your overall record, but do not count towards objective missions and land grab.

    We would need to include some sort of bonus for games played, but would allow for fluctuations of schedule, extra.

  3. Maybe set game goals, so for example you can only play 25ss games until you have played at least 5 games. Then start at game 6 you can play 30ss games, and so on. Things could either reset after each designated campaign turn, or not reset depending on what people want.

    I think it will be difficult to have all of us play each other each time period. I think it would be better with a looser structure, maybe everyone has to play 4 games every 3 weeks, of which you can not play the same person more the twice.